VANDAMME Galliate, Italy

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Track Name: vandamme - veggie food is not for preppies
we don't give a fuck
about rich preppies menus
we don't care about a juicy gourmet
our war is an everyday fight
an everyday massacre
Track Name: vandamme - pretty ones
pretty ones, party cans
we're here to bless this mess
we don't ask the right
fucked up life
we're still cold as ice
Track Name: vandamme - tie & vans
tie and vans
don't make your living better
your behaviour
just improves my rage
Track Name: vandamme - we want a corpse
all we wish is
a corpse of you all
fucking bastarads
dirty servants
Track Name: vandamme - mountain bike rebellion
call on me
when you'll be ready
i'll join the fucking fight
and you'll have another brother
following you on a mountain bike
Track Name: vandamme - Mail Boxes exploitations
i arrive on my van
at the mab shop in downtown
it's late in afternoon
but i still have to work
and i see young people goin'out
to have drinky appetizers
and i think that capitalism
made them to do it